updated 12/21/14


This website is a chronicle of the creation of my GT-40 Re-creation..

The large picture above is a modification to an existing replica with a paint scheme that serves as a tentative goal for this SuperCar.  It will be edited when the car is complete.  Current plans for the SuperCar are to create a track-worthy yet extremely docile and street-legal replica of a 1965 Ford GT-40 Mk-I.  The engine is a 331 Cubic Inch Ford with period correct Weber 48mm IDA carbs, alloy heads, all forged internals with custom Inglese roller-cam.  The horsepower of this engine is 414 and 430 Ft Lbs Torque at the crankshaft.  The Transaxle is a 1991 Porsche G50/03 5 speed that has been modified to fit the chassis and has been rebuilt with all the correct internals to support the goal HP.

12/21/2014 - after almost 4 years, I am getting back to working on this project. Please bear with me as I update the website as I have time.

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NOTE: This website (like the car) is under constant construction. 

Regards - Randy                                     rvandeloo (at) gMail (dot) com


WElcome to the GT-40 Build Site

Pictures above:

Left side - Goal “look” for the paint-job.

Top Right - The SuperCar on it’s lift in my humble (and messy) shop.

Bottom left - Weber

48 IDA Carburetors on mockup engine.

Bottom right - The emblem that will adorn the nose of this SuperCar.